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A retrospective and outlook

Published 23 April 2021


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The past year has been characterized by a debate on how both companies and individuals can make a real difference. The focus in future will be how we, in our sector, can contribute to making society a more sustainable and better place.

Matters related to how we develop society in general and care for our environment are now prioritized highly by an increasing number of people. This affects what we deliver and is an important parameter when we perform assignments in collaboration with our clients. Thinking about how we can jointly highlight sustainability aspects becomes important from the very start of a project – and following up in the same way later on is perhaps even more important.

“Employees, customers and clients nowadays expect organizations and companies to have a clear vision and take active responsibility in sustainability matters. Something has happened in society that means this is highlighted both at a higher level and in a different way than before. This relates to the environment, social justice and equality, but also increased responsibility for streamlining society, for instance decreasing costs in the public sector,” says Per.