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A comprehensive digital marketing strategy allows you to captureengage, and convert your target audience in real-time. Our marketing specialists work with you to define and achieve your business objectives with cutting-edge strategies across multiple channels. We develop a digital marketing strategy with 4 main ingredients: the right message, to the right people, on the right platform, and of course, at the right time. We take a 360 digital approach to marketing that starts with research and planning  and continues with on-going optimizations and
 insights to maximize your ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Roar Advertising offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for businesses of all sizes and markets…

Social Media Management

When we hear the term “social media” we tend to think about Facebook and Instagram; however, there are many, many other platforms out there. Finding which ones can help you interact best with your customers is key.

That’s where we come in!

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Right Ads, High Conversion Rates. We don’t just get you clicks, we bring conversions that turn into sales.Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, CocCoc and Yandex are our Besties!

Programmatic Buying

Build brand awareness and perfomance based campaigns by using Programmatic Display, Video, Mobile to get people to search your brand online, find you on social or visit your store and website.

Retargeting sevices

Bring back lost conversions and attract brand new ones at lower costs than other channels. Wide choice of best possible deals with awesome players in the market: Criteo, Adroll, and Facebook.

Media Buying

We develop a media mix, tactical strategies, and a customized tech stack based on audience data and clients’ goals through Digital, TV, and Outdoor ads.

Mobile apps ads

We are scaling Apps and Games from 0 to 10Mln Users. Our Gigs team runs CPI, CPA and CPM offers.

Media Analytics

We are Data-driven agency. Always know what keywords, ads and landing pages your competitors are using. We'll use that to fuel your growth.

Paid Social media

We #love Social media. We focus on PPC through social channels. This allows our team to be fully immersed in different products offered by each social media channel

Media Partners

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Market REA.

We take a holistic look at your competitive landscape, industry trends, and target audience. We conduct market research to understand your brand's potential and make informed decisions.


You're the expert in your business, but we're the digital marketing masters. We work with brands to outline their objectives and set short and long-term goals. 


We develop a sitemap and wireframe for your project. This helps us define the key features, functionalities, and structures of your new website and allow that to inform design.


From messaging to creative assets, and everything in between, we execute your strategy to connect your brand to the people who matter the most to it.


Digital is constantly evolving. That's why we take an agile approach to digital marketing - adjusting our digital marketing strategy, optimizing campaigns, and implementing new findings to improve your ROI.

Roar can also help you with...

Roar can also help you with...

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