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Most agencies are not equipped to handle maintenance. They’d rather focus on large-scale endeavors, and when complete, move onto the next project.


At Roar, we have created a systematic and effective methodology for handling ongoing, continuous improvements, with a focus on consultative assistance rather than just order-taking.


Were committed to providing fast, reliable maintenance and continuous improvement services. Find out how we approach ongoing relationships:


How do web maintenance retainers work?

We structure our ongoing web maintenance retainers based on the concept of a  “virtualized employee” which we like to call our “ultimate digital employee”. This behaves much like a timeshare for vacation rental – you don’t invest in the entire property but rather on a fraction that you will use. Clients can choose how much effort of a virtualized employee they require on a monthly basis, such as .1, .25, .5 or 1 virtualized employee. Why are they “virtualized”? Because they aren’t a single person, but rather a collection of our entire team, made available to you.


Another way to look at it is from the perspective of retained hours. A full time employee works 160 hours a month, .25 of a virtualized employee is a commitment of 40 hours per month.


How do web maintenance retainers work day-to-day?

All Roar maintenance clients will be serviced by our account services team.  You will be assigned an account manager who will manage your day to day requirements and requests.  All services provided by Roar are available for maintenance – design, development, administration, content creation, etc.


To submit requests, you simply email your account representative or submit a ticket to our helpdesk. Custom CMS and WordPress users can have the helpdesk installed directly into their CMS admin panel for quick and easy access. Our team will reply with a confirmation that the task was received, and either act on the request or provide more information for you to choose how you’d like to proceed.


Can new customers sign up for a web maintenance retainer?

Yes!   But, you will need to be onboarded which means setting up a development environment, hardening and securing your server, etc. We call this step “triage”, which consists of our learning your ecosystem, locking out previous developers and fixing any issues we may have found. This is a great chance to change your hosting environment, too.


Is there a commitment required?

Because of the time it takes to learn your specific requirements, in addition to resource planning, we do require a minimum of a 6 month initial commitment, with discounts available for longer terms. Please contact us for pricing details and information.


What if I don’t use all of our monthly hours?

Monthly hours do carry over in quarterly chunks. So if you don’t utilize all hours for January, you can carry them over into February. This doesn’t, however, carry over past the quarter you are currently in. Time not spent in February can’t be applied to October, for example.


What if we don’t have enough work to justify a retainer?

In this case, our Agile Maintenance plans would be a much better fit. Agile maintenance is much like a legal retainer, with funds deposited into an account and withdrawn as tasks are submitted. Find out more about Roar Agile Maintenance services.

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