How to Repair Underperforming Content

Marketers are leveraging a variety of channels for promoting their business and including content marketing in it. 60% of the marketers have given content creation as their top priorities which include interactive content, long-form content, and visually appealing content. But not every piece of your content would be the winner. There are millions of posts being published and many of them are never seeing any traffic. 

It is very discouraging to see the content is underperforming, but the main issue arises when you leave as it is the underperforming content. For preventing this, in this article, you will find ways to identify, optimize, and reposition your content. This will help you in generating more leads and views on your content.

How the Content is Failing?

First, try to understand between the underperforming content and the content which has still not gained any traction. Extensive research has been done by the marketer for finding out the underperforming content. In this research, they will get to know which posts are influencing and generating more leads. And which posts are not pulling any weight. In this, they have found out that most of the views and the leads are generated from the old posts and it is very interesting.

Sometimes content will take several months to gain traction. Before you declare your content as underperforming you need to set the time scales, KPIs, and the measurement strategy for success. You can also create the performance benchmarks for the contents.

Identifying underperforming content

You need to understand the components of the content which are contributing to the performance of the contents.

  • Entertaining
  • High Quality
  • Fresh
  • Solutions based
  • Educational
  • Non-promotional
  • Highly relevant
  • Innovative/Thought leading

It is very easy to hit a lot of these points and you also feel like your content is including all these components. But, it is not that easy as it appears. Marketers are still struggling with creating engaging content after including all the above components. So then how can you identify that the content is underperforming?

Loss of traffic

A simple post also will sometimes gain traction in a substantial amount and then suddenly it will lose all the traffic. This will happen in the social promotion, loss of the referral links at the high traffic sites, or in a shift for searching rank. 

No direct engagement

You will notice the poor traffic even at the will creative post. This will point back to the issue of the call to action and the concerns that the content is not matching with the user search intent.

No organic traffic

It is frustrating to see the post which you publish is not getting enough traffic, this can happen when the content is optimized poorly.

No social engagement

When there is no share on social media that it is also a sign of an issue with the content, especially when you are not getting steady traffic on your post and article.

Poor Post Metrics

This is another indicator for the underperforming content, when you are seeing the low session time, page time, and high exit drop off rate. Ideally, people are just lingering and showing that they are reading the long-form post. You also want the reader to visit your page as opposed to just the landing page. You don’t want your reader to be a bounce from your site without taking any other actions.

No follow-ups

When you are seeing a very fair number of the shares, but not seeing any follow from the extended audience then you can consider that conversion shares are very low.

Ways to improve the performance of contents

1. Reoptimized content

Pages that are optimized for the long-tail keywords are performing better on the search engines. This is because the long-tail keywords are very specific and less competitive.

But here we are not mentioning stuffing of the keywords in the article. When you are producing the content online then the main purpose of it is for the people who are searching for the specific information and ending up in your content in their searches.

Google is not the only company that is making use of the keywords in ranking the algorithms. There are other sites like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and many others who are relying on the keywords in the search functionality.

Before a user finds any of these resources which are helpful to them they must enter the keyword and the phrases in the search box. You can also see the search bar on the websites for some reason.

So here you will notice that the keywords are not important on many levels. But you already know that some keywords are just too competitive, and you will not be able to compete with multiple sites in the industry. There are ultra-competitive head keywords.

It is also possible that the old posts are underperforming because these head keywords are being targeted. Head keywords usually contain 1 or 2 words and will generate merely 18 percent of the search traffic. As compared to these the long-tail keywords would generate up to 75% of the search traffic.

It is very difficult to rank the head keywords. They are usually having huge search volumes and it is the major reason for the site to target them. You have created one of the best pieces of content anywhere particularly on some topic but when the target topic is very competitive then the content will suffer. Don’t forget that over 4 million posts are published every day.

This is a very crazy amount to compete with. So let’s assume if you want to improve the performance of your older posts then you need to focus on the keyword and study it well. And after your study, you would agree that it is the head keyword.

Before some years ago if your content is underperforming and you are nowhere close to the organic results of the keyword then you have to research your keyword. Find the longer variation of your keyword and try to include that in your article. You can first enter that keyword in your Google Keyword Planner and see which longer variation could be added to your content.

The Keyword planner is not that much helpful. Some of the keywords which are suggested by the planner are very competitive. So what can be done next? You can use Uber to suggest and find the main head keyword. Ubersuggest will give you a lot of the long tail keywords based on the search.

After you find out long-tail keywords then you can add them to your content. If the first keyword is long-tail then skip that because the topic is not relevant. What will happen to this experiment? You will see the improvement in the search results. So don’t just manipulate the search rankings with long-tail keywords; also try to focus on the value in the content. 

 2. add powerful headlines:

headlines are the power words that give power to your content. Using the right headlines will attract users to the content and it will increase your CTR. 

200 ranking factors are used by Google in its search algorithm which is used to rank websites. Most SEO experts and digital marketers have tried to decode the specific factors that contribute to the success of SEO. 

Recently, they have noticed that click-through rate is a major contributor to boost your search rankings organically. 

If your website has got the 5th rank on the search engine page then you will get 15% of all the clicks that are done for the keyword. But if your click-through rate is around 25% then Google will push your page up to a higher ranking. 

The reason for this is because Google cares a lot about customer satisfaction and serving its users with the most useful, relevant, timely, and interesting information. 

Since more users are clicking on your results, even if your position is 5th in the search result, Google will improve your ranking so that more search users can land on your page. 

Simply speaking, click-through-rate is the rate at which there are clicks on a particular website appearing in the search result. 

By adding power words in your content headlines you can prompt your website visitors to stop their work and read the content. The headline consists of words, so make sure that they are action words. Using the right words in the headline is very important. This can inspire social, search, and blog users to make a click on the link or the headline. 

It is a fact that most people share content which they have not even read themselves. So the only determining factor here is the persuasive headline. This can determine your content’s success. Using powerful headlines can increase a user’s trust and captivate them. 

If you are making use of weak words in your headlines then you will not be able to make a success as a content creator, blogger, or writer. Some power words can also be incorporated into the content to make it catchy. 

If you are looking to attract potential clients and build the trust of your audience then you should have content that can be shared and promoted by your users. 

Some power words that you can use in your content are:

  • Backed
  • Certified
  • Authentic
  • Endorsed
  • Results
  • Proven
  • Best-selling
  • Cancel anytime
  • Guaranteed
  • Ironclad

Make sure that your headlines do contain any of the following words. You can even verify the power of these words in the top organic results of search engine pages. 

Prevent using words that are boring to your readers and search users and make sure that you change your headlines that are underperforming. By using wrong headlines you are putting a brake on your organic traffic. 

3. Make the meta description keyword-rich and persuasive: 

There are 3 main aspects to optimize your website. They are on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. People do understand on-page and off-page SEO, but what about technical SEO?

This is concerned with things such as your website speed. If you want high organic traffic then you must make your web pages insanely fast. But along with making a website fast you should make sure that your meta description is strong and relevant so that your content gets traction in organic search results. 

Search results do not see speed before clicking on any website. A meta description is a factor that makes a user click on your search result. Search users read this meta description before they click on a website or not. 

That’s the reason why you should make it persuasive and keyword rich.

This does not mean that you should optimize your keywords excessively. But make sure that your focus is on user-intent. Integrate your main keyword in the meta description so that it mixes smoothly with the rest of the copy.

4. match your user intent: 

The main factor of content marketing is the intent of the user. If the content does not meet the specific needs and answers the user’s question, then you will require to think again. It is possible that your content is not matching the search of the user’s intent. If visitors are landing on the page in which they are not finding any reason to keep on reading the article, then they will leave.

The solution to it is very simple, you must deliver the right content in the right format. If your audience is looking for the step by step instructions, then never give him the tips or hacks. Always focus on the intent of the user. Keywords would always point out what users are looking for. When you are finding the keyword long-tail or head keywords then you will get to know what exactly the person is looking for. When a user is searching like flat abs then it is an indication that users don’t look for any gyms. The article should be such that it should make sense to the users.

Source:, Mandeep Singh

Things to Consider When Redesigning a Website

First, you should know why there is a need to redesign a website. Three things should be considered- how does the design look outdated? Are your conversions/sales decreasing? And have you received complaints about your user experience or any design-related issues you are facing? If you face these things, then a need for redesigning is necessary. If you want to rebrand your business, then a site redesign will help bolster your efforts.

The approach of a risky website redesign

Many agencies and other marketing departments don’t consider any type of risk mitigation and to understand this you need to think about the number of individual changes that are made during the process of redesign. After getting this, multiply this by the depth of changes for every element and note down the laundry list of changes proposed during a creative meeting. Now by changing the home page headline, imagery, site-wide template layout, navigation bar design, fonts, shopping cart, or any form of layout you prefer and many more things related. 

Effects of website redesign changes 

Many marketers don’t test the page templates and landing pages that are changed during the process of redesigning. And then there is no system to check the changes against the key conversion metrics and these risks can only be done with a rigorous conversion optimization strategy. This will need a process that includes a proper understanding of the target audience you are looking for, prioritizing test hypotheses so that you can solve all the issues which are obstructing conversions, setting up a proper split test, and at last analyzing the insights from the data to make changes. There are many companies that are using a structured process that includes A/B testing as part of conversion optimization strategies such as WineExpress, Iron Mountain, and many more which are getting significant sales from the lift by reducing all the risk. 

Evolutionary site design for a better approach

After a proper testing and proven system so that you can execute testing for doing the proper redesigning changes as it is critical for online marketer now. You will find that the “revolutionary” redesigning can be most dangerous for many companies. When there is a need then it should be proper, less risky, approaches that involve a process of testing with incremental improvements or changes. 

Basically, there is two difference between ESR and the traditional revolutionary site design approach:

• First it is very fast

If you are doing the traditional redesigning then the marketing departments are usually fed-up with the process. And in this contrast, ESR always creates a system that provides continuous changes so that your website will be leading the pack. 

• Second is the success criteria

There are rules in traditional redesign like UX practitioners and maybe the staff can be talented but not batter hits and many things are likely to hurt the site results. But with the ESR there are many changes that are measured in controlled A/B and split tests against the effect on the goals. The RSR approach will leave your site with many errors and continuously falling behind in the intervals between many redesigns. And with the ESR your site will keep up and surpass the success of the rest of the web and it essentially uses the conversion rate optimization principles to redesigning. 

How does the ESR eliminate the website redesigns?

With an evolutionary site, the design approach will guard you against the site risks as it will dramatically be improving your website every time. And also your site will get help from ESR by implementing a proper system of continuous A/B testing throughout the entire site and also digital marketing. So don’t rely on gut feeling and your flawed intuition your all decisions for your website should be done against the crucible of the user’s actions. 

Test everything in your marketing part

• Site-wide design styles, logo, header, and the tagline

• The product page templates, landing page layout and is content

• The product or services value proposition statements required

• The lead generation forms, cart, and the checkout page

• Home page layout, eye flow, and merchandising

• Imagery, copywriting, ads, calls to action, and the offers for the users

Your website should be continuously updating your design by testing the major site-wide elements which combine to create the look and feel like header, nav, PCTA, headlines, repeating listing areas, etc.

Reasons to use the Evolutionary Site Redesign

1. You will get a new look, feel and conversion rate lift at the same time for your website.

2. You will learn that which elements actually improve the results

3. By maintaining your staff’s focus on the important business metrics rather than the aesthetic redesigning. 

4. Your site will never face lags in the results in-between redesigns and avoid the risks of a revolutionary website redesign.

How to redesign the website?

If you use ESR or not and do a full redesign all at once as it is important to keep your site’s redesigning work manageable and to make this work you should make final results that are worth the effort. A proper detailed planning that will ensure you and your comrades that don’t trip over only one another in the trenches. And for this, you need to do a lot of work and planning which is necessary. You can plan to do weekly tasks, daily tasks for completing each aspect of your site and then assign them to different professionals from the starting. And there will be no reason for your project that should lag behind your timeline and produce more sub-par results.

Make strategies first and then proper planning

Before planning you need to redesign your website and then you will require to seriously consider why you need or want to do this too. 

Goals you should accomplish with the redesigning:

• Always keep your users from bouncing off your pages very fast and make sure your library of downloadable information is better.

• Make more informative pages and more visually aligned with your brand

• Improve the navigation to average more pages per visit and improve the on-site SEO, etc.

Some things that should be considered before doing a site redesigning

•Analysing that what works and what doesn’t work

Before making any type of change to your design you will require to decide which website aspects and features you need to change. After this check which design is working and use analytics to see what users find more valuable and what they don’t like. Things that are not working are expendable and should either get rid of it or you want to improve it. 

Your site will affect your online marketing performance and analytics used to make decisions is necessary. Checking what pages are getting visited frequently and what CTAs aren’t getting clicked? Try to collect these types of necessary details and information to help you in making important decisions about your new website’s design. 

• Always set smart goals

As you know every project needs set goals and your site designing should be no different as to get set goals for how well your site works for SEO as well as marketing. And don’t forget to maintain the marketing thing also as only designing looks will not work. If you will notice then a simple website that works seamlessly for the visitors which is more preferable. A site should be properly stuffed with the visual features and codes that will have issues. You should use the numbers if you can and double your site visitors or site leads and then increase them by a certain percentage. Making all the specific goals that are not too vague and it should look better. This thing will not help you as it should have a clean, modern look with the white space is really helpful for you. always mention all the functionalities which are required and you want to make more calls to action, which will be more fast and easy forms for visitors to fill out, etc. 

• Researching your visitors or target audience

To make the best site for the visitors you should know who they are and what are their interests. What are their main preferences and their browsing styles? Keywords used by them all this information will help you to make one of the best redesign and their needs. 

• Check out you’re competitive

Always look for your competition in the market which will give a great way to see what others in your company are doing, and how potentially they do their work. Let’s see that your competitor is really more successful in the market than at that point in time you have to figure out why it is. What are the things they are doing with their site and what you are not? This will help you to pretend that you’re a user and then comparing your sites. Make a note of those things where you are lagging and then set your goals accordingly to improve the website in a better way.

• Always review and refresh the content

The design you choose for your site and its content go hand in hand and a fresh approach to content can easily help you in the further process. You can do things like single out old, outdated blogs that can be updated, and then you can rewrite the leads. Setting up your new goals for publishing schedules which is based on better practices for customer engagement. Always see your content, how it is performing and then use it as a template for better future content. 

• Hitting the SEO checkpoints

Your redesigning will boost your marketing easily and you will need to discover more than ever. As the SEO works perfectly at this stage. There are many things to optimize your website SEO during redesigning: 

Always make sure that everything should be well- written page titles, the meta description should be there, and permalinks for all your content on the site. Designing the content for readability purposes which includes headers and subheaders. Use the right keywords to target all your landing pages and check that the site time of loading and do all the necessary things. 

• Make sure that your site should be responsive

People are using more mobile devices rather than desktop so when they are checking your site make sure it’s up to the task. And then it will be necessary that your website should be responsive so that it is able to reconfigure itself based on the visitor’s screen size and device. The user will expect this more and more from their browsing experience and you don’t have it they will go somewhere else. This will boost your SEO so don’t neglect it and design a responsive website. 

• Evaluating your CMS (content management system)

The content management system you will select will always limit what you can do with your website redesigning. This thing for your site will be required to balance options and the capabilities with the set goals you want to achieve. What are the benefits and different features you will require to deliver the correct experience to your users online and what can you do for it? Going for WordPress is also a better option as it has great CMS and website platforms. You will need to strategize everything correctly. And by following these points you can do all the things according and make your base. Define your path and get it moving forward so that you don’t have to face any consequences afterward. At WordPress you can build your website and redesign it, it may be difficult for you at the starting as it is a little bit confusing. But once you get the things you can make everything easily with a proper Content Management System. 

So first strategize everything correctly for redesigning your website and then go for your plans to execute it and follow these points which are mentioned above. This will help you to do your things rightly without any error. 

Source:, Mandeep Singh

7 Ways To Use Video Marketing And Take Your Business to The Next Level

When you are running a business, having a plan of attack for your marketing is just as important as having a great product or service. However, there are many entrepreneurs who don’t know the first thing about effectively marketing their product or service. In our modern age, digital marketing is a key element of any business that is trying to grow. Video marketing is very important to learn when you are trying to understand fully how to implement digital marketing. Here are just a few ways video marketing can help take your business to the next level.

Grow A Subscriber Base On Youtube

Growing a subscriber base on YouTube is an investment that will pay off big time in the long run. There are many different ways that you can push the growth of your channel. The trick to having success on YouTube is being able to consistently post great content that will catch the attention of users on the platform. If you are able to get enough subscribers on YouTube, you will have a group of customers who will be ready to act on any new products or services you roll out. Just post fun and informative videos regularly. This will be a great start to your YouTube success.

Raise Your Conversions And Sales With Effective Video Marketing

Creating videos that will help you raise your conversion rates and sales is important when you are shooting new footage. Make sure that you have a strong call-to-action somewhere in your video. This will help your videos be a tool to make sales instead of just a fun way for your customers to spend some time watching a video.

Make The Most Of Your Marketing Budget With Video Marketing

When you are looking to take your marketing to the next level, you may just be seeing big dollar signs. Putting all of your money into online ads can sometimes be like flushing your money down the drain. However, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on your video marketing. You can create amazing viral videos right from your smartphone. Start shooting and posting some videos from your phone. You will be surprised just how effective they can be.

Create Engaging Videos And Improve Your Google Rankings

It has been proven that 87% of smartphone users use a search engine on their phone every day. Google search results are a great way to get new business, especially in your local area. Creating engaging videos will really help you to show up higher in your Google search results. Post these videos to your company’s blog and website. This will give you the ability to really stand out in search results.

Delivering An Effective Message

Many times, it can be tough for you to write a detailed article about your products or services. This is why making a video about your products or services can be a great alternative to writing detailed articles. Unless you want to hire a writer, creating an engaging video can be a much easier way to get your digital marketing started.

Create Great Videos That Are Mobile Friendly

Recent studies have actually shown that 75% of the world is watching videos on their mobile devices. When you go about creating your videos, remember that most people are going to be watching them on their mobile devices. Get to the point quickly with your videos. Let your viewers know your message earlier on. There are so many different options for individuals on their phones that you have very little time to peak their interest. Work fast and effectively with your message when you are creating these videos that will be played on mobile devices.

Urge Your Customers To Share Your Videos On Social Media

Social media is a great way to get your business out there. On Snapchat alone, there are 188 million active users. When you are releasing engaging and entertaining videos, it can be pretty easy for your customers to shares them on social media. In a recent study, 70% of users showed that they have shared a company’s video with their friends on social media. Make sure that your videos are fun and upbeat. Get into the minds of your viewers. If you were them, what would you want to share with your friends? Take time to think up of a great idea before you head out to create your video. This will help you create very shareable videos.

These are just a few of the many different ways that video marketing can help take your business to the next level. When you are looking to boost your business, don’t discredit the amazing ability of videos to spread the word about your business.

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Do I need Search Engine Optimization?

The Market Today

Studies conducted by BrightEdge have confirmed that around 51% of web traffic flowing from one business to another is generated organically through a google search. Only 10% of  Business to business traffic occurs through paid search. SEO can bring loads of traffic to your website, but bringing in traffic is just one piece of the puzzle. Having a site which allows for easy conversions is important as well, make sure that your potential client is drawn in and becomes a paying customer otherwise there is no point in bringing more attention to your website! If your website is up to par and you want some tips on how to boost the search engine optimization for your small business, take a look at these tips:

Write good content and write it as frequently as possible!

No one wants to slog through content with spelling mistakes, false information, and a lack of originality. Make sure your content comes from your own voice, branding, and is loaded with information for your customers. There is no better way to prove the value of your service or product then by providing people with excellent information. With good content you will see your page rankings get a major bump.

When a possible customer makes a search they want to see the result with the most information, respectability, and experience. Make sure the most authoritative voice in your marketplace is YOU. When other people in your field are confused about what to do, make them go to your blogs, websites, and social media. If you aren’t the authority, learn from the person who is, and find a way to do it better. Google and other search engines reward you for quality content. When you have more quality content they will drive more traffic to you and increase your exposure via the relevant keywords. A big part of SEO is making sure your content is relevant and informativeve. It’s best to work with SEO professionals when creating new content, while you can get the basics down pretty quick there are many nuances of wording, tagging, and structure that only an SEO professional will be able to help you with. Matching your content to the correct niche and keywords is imperative if you want to make sure your potential customers can see it.

Social Media should be your best friend!

Social Media is among the cheapest and easiest way to expand your reach, while not sinking in massive amounts of money to reach your audience. Having an active social media presence that is linked to your website will show Google that your business is real and respectable, especially if your social media followers are converting into customers. Content is king in social media, it’s important now more than ever that each post is handcrafted with something that people will actually be interested in. Don’t just post your location and your hours over and over, your followers will lose interest very quickly. However, if you post interesting content it becomes much more likely your followers will share your posts, thus generating new leads for your business.

Get mobile friendly ASAP!

In a recent study by Millward Brown digital it was concluded that 42% of business to business interactions occurred through mobile devices and the amount of mobile interactions increased by 22% over the course of only two years. A rich mobile experience is now a cornerstone of any successful campaign in the digital realm, without it your SEO will not be nearly as effective. Since 2014 the number of mobile devices has surpassed the number of traditional computer surfing the web. As with any trend, google was the first person to notice the change and made changes of their own to counter it. As of 2015, google shifted their priorities from traditional computers and now holds being mobile friendly as one of the most important parameters in online searches. If your site was made become 2015 you may be in some serious trouble. 75% of the population of the United States now uses smartphone, a massive market to miss out on if your content is not optimized for mobile devices. Failure to optimize means a drop in organic search rankings, which means a drop in leads, which means a drop in overall business

How do I leverage my SEO into more sales?

It’s very easy. Take a look at what you could be doing and make a checklist of the things you still lack. Keep all your content flowing out as often as you can create quality posts, make sure you are keeping social media active, and make everything friendly for mobile devices. Use the tactics we’ve outlines here and you are well on your way to achieving greatness.


The 4 Ps of Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples)

The 4 Ps of marketing…

You’ve probably heard about them from a friend, a textbook, or even at school. I know it sounds like a boring topic that’s common sense, but there is more to it than meets the eye. And no, it’s not just for large companies… the smaller you are, the more important for you it is to leverage the 4 Ps. So before we dive into it, let’s first break down what they are…

The 4 Ps of marketing is a famous concept that summarizes the 4 basic pillars of any marketing strategy: product, price, place, and promotion. It sounds simple and it really is (the harder part is implementing it, which we will get into later). The idea behind the theory is that if you implement them, you will generate more sales. But sadly nothing is that easy.

The origin of the concept, also known as marketing mix, goes back to 1960 when McCarthy introduced it in his book Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach.

I know that’s ages ago, but it is just as valid today. Let’s dive into each P…


Group of cosmetic products on white background

The product is what the company sells.

It might be a product like a soft drink in the beverage industry or dresses in a clothing store. Or these days it may even be software like Ubersuggest.

It could also be services, such as consulting or a paid speaking gig or even a therapy session.

In short, the product is everything that is made available to the consumer.

In the 4 Ps strategy, defining this means understanding what your offer needs in order to stand apart from competitors and win over customers.

In other words, what makes your product so great or unique? Because if you don’t stand out it’s going to be hard to thrive.

For example, you may know about my product Ubersuggest, but you probably already know about a handful of my competitors?

So what’s the big thing that makes my product stand out from everyone else?

I don’t focus on features… I don’t have 100s of reports… instead, I focus on usability. My goal is to make Ubersuggest really easy to use, especially if you are new to marketing.

On the flip side, my competitors focus on ad agencies and really advanced marketers. I built something for a different target market, even though I am in a crowded market place.


Price tags mockup

Price is simple, it refers to how much you charge for your product (or service).

And although it’s simple to understand, it’s really hard to come up with the “right” price. The one that doesn’t just drive the most amount of sales but also drives the most profit.

The real question is, how do you want to be perceived?

Amazon wants to be the place where you can get the best-valued products from A to Z. And of course, delivered at a fast pace so it’s convenient for you.

My buddies’ company, Imperia Caviar offers high-end caviar at low prices. He’s able to get the same caviar that big brands charge thousands of dollars.


“Place” is another word for location.

As they say in marketing, it’s all about the… location, location, location.

I once ran a tech conference in Los Angeles called Twiistup.

It was a cool event with LA vibes and celebrities. I didn’t create the event, I bought it out years ago.

But you know what? It failed.

It wasn’t because the event wasn’t good, it was more so that I moved it to a terrible location.

I moved it from Santa Monica, which is the heart of the Los Angeles tech scene, to the valley, which is an hour drive from where all the tech companies are located.

In other words… location, location, location.

You have to pick a location where your customers are. Don’t expect them to come to you, you have to go to them.


Promotion Product Strategy Marketing Concept

My favorite P… and the one I tend to blog about the most.


Once you’ve optimized the previous 3 Ps, it’s time to promote your offer.’

And to be clear, when I talk about promotion I am not just talking about getting your brand out there… I am talking about generating revenue.

What’s the point of promotion if you can’t drive sales?

But with all of the channels out there on the web, which ones do you start with first?

If they are big, you’ll see data on how much traffic they are generating… which keywords they rank for on Google… the sites that link to them and talk about them… and even how many social shares they are generating.

If they are small, you won’t see any data. You’ll have to put in a bigger competitor.

Another site that you should use is Similar Web. Put in your competitor’s URL and you’ll see tons of data on how they promote themselves.

8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Today, not having a website is simply not an option.

Unless you’re a small business owner who is not interested in growing your brand, you need to have a website. Having a small business website isn’t just about selling your goods and services — it’s also about providing something of value to potential customers and providing them with a great experience that naturally attracts them to your business.  
Still not sure how having a website will help you grow your business? Here are eight reasons your business needs a website:

1. Customers expect it. Even if this were the only reason, it would be enough! Think about it. Would you trust any business that didn’t have a website? If you don’t have a business website, today’s digital-savvy (and impatient) customers may look elsewhere. 

2. Provides social proof. 92% percent of consumers claim online reviews influence their buying decisions.You could rely on FourSquare, Yelp, and other review sites to host reviews for your brand, but you can kill two birds with one stone on your own website.  Since potential buyers are already looking for you online, by including customer testimonials on your site you will make a great impression to potential buyers.

3. You control the story. It’s true that you cannot control what others say about you on social media channels, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story with a business website. By integrating a blog, business owners like yourself can get your message, mission, and personality in front of your target audience faster than print ads or traditional mail brochures. Including social icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see.

4. Your competitors all have company websites. Consumers typically start their buying journey with research and recommendations from peers as well as social network connections. Recent studies show that once a consumer has an idea of what they need or want, they begin researching. 72 percent of them go online to find educational material, reviews, and testimonials. If you’re not staying competitive with your competition, you’re giving shoppers a reason to buy from another brand.

5. Never put up the ‘closed for business’ sign again. Your website is a 24/7/365 employee. Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then. If you have business website or ecommerce store, you can sell your products and services all the time. An online store can mean a dramatic boost in sales, especially when you factor in additional customers who are not restricted by geography. Your online presence also supports marketing campaigns, customer service, client relationship building, brand recognition, and almost every other element of the revenue stream. Combining your website with marketing tools, like email marketing, helps you reach new customers and generate repeat business.

6. Show up in Google search results. Consider this: 83 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “best leather shoes” or, if they know what they want, “handcrafted Italian leather women’s shoes in San Diego.” If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero. But if you have a site, you can optimize it for search engines, increasing your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s results and getting more visibility with potential customers.

7. Resource center for your staff. Your business website can also benefit your own employees. Create an orphan page (one that is not visible anywhere on the site so it can’t be found unless someone is given the direct link) with self-service videos, training materials, or internal forms to help your team learn everything they need to know their own schedules.

8. Showcase your products and services. Not only can you display your products or outline your services in detail with beautiful images, but you can provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase.
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Branding Essentials: The journey of creating a brand book

What is a brand book?

In a nutshell, it’s the visual manifestation of your brand’s mission, vision and values – its different elements combined make your brand instantly recognisable to your users.

The components that should be included in a brand book are:

  • The brand name
  • The logo
  • An outline of the brand story
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • The colour scheme
  • Examples of images that reflect the brand
  • The form of language used and the communication style &nbsp 

A brand book ensures that your brand is instantly recognizable to your users. But it also has a significant use internally, as it ensures that all your staff are on the same page and know how to effectively communicate your brand through different channels

Why is a brand book important?

We’ve already mentioned that a brand book ensures that your brand is instantly recognisable to your users. But it also has a significant use internally, as it ensures that all your staff are on the same page and know how to effectively communicate your brand through different channels, and importantly, that consistency is maintained.

From a design perspective, the brand book makes things clear for designers, allowing new members to quickly get to grips with the nitty-gritty of the design. From a marketing and sales perspective, it allows for consistency in client communication.